Sticks and pucks is a great way to improve your skating, stick handling, puck control, passing, and more. Sticks and pucks is not drop-in hockey. The only equipment needed is skates, gloves, and a helmet; although depending on the skill level partial/full equipment is recommended. The ice arena provides a limited number of pucks, however to assure a puck you may bring your own or purchase one from the pro shop. The ICE Arena rents skates for $3.00, however there are no helmet or stick rentals.  The ice arena provides cones and 3 on 3 nets for drills and games. Come step up your game with sticks and pucks!

Day and Time:

  • Mon & Wed            1pm – 3pm         $12/skater
  • Wednesday            5pm – 6pm         $8/skater
  • Friday                      4pm – 6pm         $12/skater
Sticks and Pucks times are subject to change. Check the website calendar for changes.